The Library – The Full List

Author Title Date
Franklin, Miles My Brilliant Career 1901
Wharton, Edith House of Mirth, The 1905
Wharton, Edith Madame de Treymes 1907
Stratton-Porter, Gene A Girl of the Limberlost 1909
Richardson, Henry Handel The Getting of Wisdom 1910
Wharton, Edith Ethan Frome 1911
Austin, Mary A Woman of Genius 1912
Cather, Willa Alexander’s Bridge 1912
Wharton, Edith The Reef 1912
Cather, Willa O Pioneers! 1913
Glasgow, Ellen Virginia 1913
Wharton, Edith The Custom of the Country 1913
Cather, Willa The Song of the Lark 1915
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Herland 1915
Woolf, Virginia Melymbrosia 1915
Wharton, Edith Summer 1917
Cather, Willa My Antonia 1918
West, Rebecca The Return of the Soldier 1918
Benson, Stella Living Alone 1919
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield The Brimming Cup 1919
Colette Cheri 1920
Undset, Sigrid Kristin Lavransdatter: The Bridal Wreath 1920
Wharton, Edith Age of Innocence, The 1920
Kay-Smith, Sheila Joanna Godden 1921
Undset, Sigrid Kristin Lavransdatter: The Mistress of Husaby 1921
Zitkala-Sa American Indian Stories 1921
Cather, Willa One of Ours 1922
Undset, Sigrid Kristin Lavransdatter: The Cross 1922
Cather, Willa A Lost Lady 1923
Ferber, Edna So Big 1924
Kennedy, Margaret The Constant Nymph 1924
Cather, Willa The Professor’s House 1925
Glasgow, Ellen Barren Ground 1925
Woolf, Virginia Mrs. Dalloway 1925
Yrzierska, Anzia Bread Givers 1925
Cather, Willa My Mortal Enemy 1926
Cather, Willa Death Comes for the Archbishop 1927
Lehmann, Rosamond Dusty Answer 1927
Olivier, Edith The Love Child 1927
Woolf, Virginia To the Lighthouse 1927
Aldrich, Bess Streeter A Lantern In Her Hand 1928
Barnes, Djuna Ryder 1928
Fauset, Jesse Redmon Plum Bun: A Novel Without a Moral 1928
Hall, Radclyffe The Well of Loneliness 1928
Larsen, Nella Quicksand 1928
Peterkin, Julia Scarlet Sister Mary 1928
Rhys, Jean Quartet 1928
Woolf, Virginia Orlando 1928
Bowen, Elizabeth The Last September 1929
Ferber, Edna Cimarron 1929
Larsen, Nella Passing 1929
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield The Deepening Stream 1930
Porter, Katherine Anne Flowering Judas 1930
Larsen, Nella The Short Fiction of Nella Larsen 1930
Buck, Pearl S. Good Earth, The 1931
Cather, Willa Shadows on the Rock 1931
Sackville-West, Vita All Passion Spent 1931
Woolf, Virginia The Waves 1931
Cather, Willa Obscure Destinies 1932
Lehmann, Rosamond Invitation to the Waltz 1932
Gibbons, Stella Cold Comfort Farm 1932
Glasgow, Ellen The Sheltered Life 1932
Buck, Pearl S. The Mother 1933
Aldrich, Bess Streeter Miss Bishop 1933
Miller, Caroline Lamb in His Bosom 1933
White, Antonia Frost in May 1933
Dinesen, Isak Seven Gothic Tales 1934
Rhys, Jean Voyage in the Dark 1934
Thirkell, Angela Wild Strawberries 1934
Walker, Mildred Fireweed 1934
Cather, Willa Lucy Gayheart 1935
Hurston, Zora Neale Mules and Men 1935
Mitchell, Margaret Gone With the Wind 1936
Nin, Anais House of Incest 1936
Barnes, Djuna Nightwood 1937
Hurston, Zora Neale Their Eyes Were Watching God 1937
Woolf, Virginia The Years 1937
Bowen, Elizabeth Death of the Heart, The 1938
Du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca 1938
Porter, Katherine Anne Pale Horse, Pale Rider 1939
Rhys, Jean Good Morning, Midnight 1939
Sandoz, Mari Capital City 1939
Struther, Jan Mrs.Miniver 1939
Cather, Willa Sapphira and the Slave Girl 1940
McCullers, Carson The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 1940
Stead, Christina The Man Who Loved Children 1940
Ferber, Edna Saratoga Trunk 1941
O’Brien, Kate The Land of Spices 1941
Woolf, Virginia Between the Acts 1941
Nemirovsky, Irene Suite Francaise 1942
Powell, Dawn A Time to be Born 1942
Bowles, Jane Two Serious Ladies 1943
de Beauvoir, Simone L’Invitee 1943
Smith, Betty A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1943
Compton-Burnett, Ivy Elders and Betters 1944
Porter, Katherine Anne The Leaning Tower and Other Stories 1944
Walker, Mildred Winter Wheat 1944
Colette Claudine in Paris 1945
Mansfield, Katherine The Collected Stories of Katherine Mansfield 1945
Mitford, Nancy The Pursuit of Love 1945
West, Jessamyn Friendly Persuasion 1945
McCullers, Carson The Member of the Wedding 1946
O’Brien, Kate That Lady 1946
Petry, Ann The Street 1946
Welty, Eudora Delta Wedding 1946
Stafford, Jean The Mountain Lion 1947
Bowen, Elizabeth The Heat of the Day 1948
Cather, Willa The Old Beauty and Others 1948
West, Dorothy The Living Is Easy 1948
Frankau, Pamela The Willow Cabin 1949
Mitford, Nancy Love in a Cold Climate 1949
Nin, Anais The Four-Chambered Heart 1950
White, Antonia The Lost Traveller 1950
Gordon, Caroline The Strange Children 1951
Manning, Olivia School for Love 1951
McCullers, Carson The Ballad of the Sad Café 1951
Highsmith, Patricia The Price of Salt 1952
Lessing, Doris Martha Quest 1952
O’Conner, Flannery Wise Blood 1952
Pym, Barbara Excellent Women 1952
Tey, Josephine The Singing Sands 1952
White, Antonia The Sugar House 1952
Brooks, Gwendolyn Maud Martha 1953
Compton-Burnett, Ivy The Present and the Past 1953
Jenkins, Elizabeth The Tortoise and the Hare 1953
Murdoch, Iris Under the Net 1954
Seton, Anya Katherine 1954
Markandaya, Kamala Nectar In a Sieve 1954
Welty, Eudora The Ponder Heart 1954
Bowen, Elizabeth A World of Love 1955
Hardwick, Elizabeth The Simple Truth 1955
Sarton, May Faithful Are the Wounds 1955
Buck, Pearl S. Imperial Woman 1956
Cather, Willa Five Stories 1956
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer The Nature of Persuasion 1956
Mansfield, Katherine Stories 1956
West, Rebecca The Fountain Overflows 1956
Frame, Janet Owls Do Cry 1957
Taylor, Elizabeth Angel 1957
Dinesen, Isak Anecdotes of Destiny and Ehrengard 1958
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer Esmond in India 1958
Murdoch, Iris The Bell 1958
Renault, Mary The King Must Die 1958
Bowen, Elizabeth Stories 1959
Compton-Burnett, Ivy A Heritage and Its History 1959
Marshall, Paule Brown Girl, Brownstones 1959
Paley, Grace The Little Disturbances of Man 1959
Dinesen, Isak Shadows in the Grass 1960
H.D. Bid Me To Live 1960
O’Brien, Edna The Country Girls 1960
O’Connor, Flannery The Violent Bear It Away 1960
McCullers, Carson Clock Without Hands 1961
Buck, Pearl S. Hearts Come Home and Other Stories 1962
Hudson, Lois Phillips The Bones of Plenty 1962
Lessing, Doris Golden Notebook. The 1962
Porter, Katharine Anne Ship of Fools 1962
Powell, Dawn The Golden Spur 1962
Spark, Muriel Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The 1962
Buck, Pearl S. The Living Reed 1963
Dunn, Nell Up the Junction 1963
Frame, Janet Scented Gardens For the Blind 1963
McCarthy, Mary The Group 1963
Plath, Sylvia The Bell Jar 1963
Laurence, Margaret The Stone Angel 1964
Lispector, Clarice The Passion According to G.H. 1964
Tyler, Anne If Morning Ever Comes 1964
Wharton, Edith Roman Fever and Other Stories 1964
Sarton, May Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing 1965
Spark, Muriel The Mandelbaum Gate 1965
Howatch, Susan The Waiting Sands 1966
Nwapa, Flora Efuru 1966
Ozick, Cynthia Trust 1966
Rhys, Jean Wide Sargasso Sea 1966
Smart, Elizabeth By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept 1966
Walker, Margaret Jubilee 1966
West, Rebecca The Birds Fall Down 1966
Bawden, Nina A Woman of My Age 1967
Carter, Angela The Magic Toyshop 1967
Craven, Margaret I Heard the Owl Call My Name 1967
Dunn, Nell Poor Cow 1967
Head, Bessie When Rain Clouds Gather 1968
McCaffrey, Anne Dragonflight 1968
Benson, Mary At the Still Point 1969
Laurence, Margaret The Fire Dwellers 1969
Lessing, Doris The Four-Gated City 1969
Miller, Isabel Patience and Sarah 1969
Morrison, Toni The Bluest Eye 1969
Oates, Joyce Carol them 1969
Stafford, Jean The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford 1969
West, Jessamyn Except for Me and Thee 1969
Buck, Pearl S. Mandala 1970
Didion, Joan Play It As It Lays 1970
Gordimer, Nadine A Guest of Honor 1970
Howatch, Susan The Devil on Lammas Night 1970
Russ, Joanna The Female Man 1970
Walker, Alice The Third Life of Grange Copeland 1970
Welty, Eudora Losing Battles 1970
McCarthy, Mary Birds of America 1971
Mukherjee, Bharati The Tiger’s Daughter 1971
Munro, Alice Lives of Girls and Women 1971
Bambara, Toni Cade Gorilla, My Love 1972
Welty, Eudora The Optimist’s Daughter 1972
Brown, Rita Mae Rubyfruit Jungle 1973
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer Travelers 1973
Lessing, Doris The Summer Before the Dark 1973
Morrison, Toni Sula 1973
O’Connor, Flannery The Complete Stories 1973
Parker, Dorothy The Collected Dorothy Parker 1973
Sarton, May As We Are Now 1973
Stead, Christina The Little Hotel 1973
Bainbridge, Beryl The Bottle Factory Outing 1974
Emecheta, Buchi Second Class Citizen 1974
Gordimer, Nadine The Conservationist 1974
Johnson, Diane The Shadow Knows 1974
Oates, Joyce Carol Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? 1974
Olsen, Tillie Yonnondio From the Thirties 1974
Paley, Grace Enormous Changes At the Last Minute 1974
Drabble, Margaret The Realms of Gold 1975
El-Saadawi, Nawal Woman At Point Zero 1975
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer Heat and Dust 1975
Jones, Gayl Corregidora 1975
Mukherjee, Bharati Wife 1975
Rossner, Judith Looking for Mr. Goodbar 1975
Sarton, May Crucial Conversations 1975
Beattie, Ann Chilly Scenes of Winter 1976
Emecheta, Buchi The Bride Price 1976
Guest, Judith Ordinary People 1976
Walker, Alice Meridian 1976
Bambara, Toni Cade The Sea Birds Are Still Alive 1977
Didion, Joan A Book of Common Prayer 1977
French, Marilyn The Women’s Room 1977
le Sueur, Meridel Harvest & Song For My Time 1977
McCullough, Colleen The Thorn Birds 1977
Morrison, Toni Song of Solomon 1977
Munro, Alice The Beggar Maid 1977
Silko, Leslie Marmon Ceremony 1977
Beattie, Ann Secrets and Surprises 1978
Byatt, A. S. The Virgin in the Garden 1978
Gordon, Mary Final Payments 1978
le Sueur, Meridel The Girl 1978
McCaffrey, Anne The White Dragon 1978
Piercy, Marge The High Cost of Living 1978
Pym, Barbara The Sweet Dove Died 1978
Renault, Mary The Praise Singer 1978
Sarton, May A Reckoning 1978
Butler, Octavia Kindred 1979
Carter, Angela The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories 1979
Emecheta, Buchi The Joys of Motherhood 1979
Fitzgerald, Penelope Offshore 1979
Gordimer, Nadine Burger’s Daughter 1979
Hardwick, Elizabeth Sleepless Nights 1979
Olsen, Tillie Tell Me a Riddle 1979
Phillips, Jayne Anne Black Tickets 1979
Bambara, Toni Cade The Salt Eaters 1980
Desai, Anita Clear Light of Day 1980
French, Marilyn The Bleeding Heart 1980
Robinson, Marilynne Housekeeping 1980
Gordimer, Nadine July’s People 1981
Gordon, Caroline The Collected Stories of Caroline Gordon 1981
Gordon, Mary The Company of Women 1981
Keane, Molly Good Behavior 1981
Manning, Olivia The Balkan Trilogy 1981
Morrison, Toni Tar Baby 1981
Smiley, Jane At Paradise Gate 1981
Allende, Isabel The House of the Spirits 1982
Manning, Olivia The Levant Trilogy 1982
Mason, Bobbie Ann Shiloh and Other Stories 1982
Munro, Alice The Moons of Jupiter and Other Stories 1982
Naylor, Gloria The Women of Brewster Place 1982
Piercy, Marge Braided Lives 1982
Shange, Ntozake Sassafrass Cypress and Indigo 1982
Tyler, Anne Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant 1982
Walker, Alice The Color Purple 1982
Allen, Paula Gunn The Woman Who Owned the Shadows 1983
Ephron, Nora Heartburn 1983
Goldstein, Rebecca The Mind-Body Problem 1983
Hulme, Keri The Bone People 1983
Marshall, Paule Praisesong for a Widow 1983
Ozick, Cynthia The Cannibal Galaxy 1983
Rossner, Judith August 1983
Shivers, Louise Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail 1983
Weldon, Fay The Life and Loves of a She-Devil 1983
Brookner, Anita Hotel du Lac 1984
Burns, Olive Ann Cold Sassy Tree 1984
Carter, Angela Nights at the Circus 1984
Cisneros, Sandra The House on Mango Street 1984
Doerr, Harriet Stones for Ibarra 1984
Duras, Marguerite The Lover 1984
Erdrich, Louise Love Medicine 1984
Allende, Isabel Of Love and Shadows 1985
Fitzgerald, Penelope At Freddie’s 1985
Kincaid, Jamaica Annie John 1985
Lurie, Alison Foreign Affairs 1985
Pym, Barbara Crampton Hodnet 1985
Shange, Ntozake Betsey Brown 1985
Tyler, Anne The Accidental Tourist 1985
Winterson, Jeanette Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit 1985
Winterson, Jeanette Boating For Beginners 1985
Atwood, Margaret Handmaid’s Tale, The 1986
Castillo, Ana The Mixquiahuala Letters 1986
Erdrich, Louise The Beet Queen 1986
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer Out of India 1986
Moore, Lorrie Anagrams 1986
Williams, Sherley Anne Dessa Rose 1986
Drabble, Margaret The Radiant Way 1987
Flagg, Fannie Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café 1987
Giardina, Denise Storming Heaven 1987
Gibbons, Kaye Ellen Foster 1987
Gordimer, Nadine The Sport of Nature 1987
Lively, Penelope Moon Tiger 1987
McMillan, Terry Mama 1987
Morrison, Toni Beloved 1987
Oates, Joyce Carol You Must Remember This 1987
Smiley, Jane The Age of Grief 1987
Weldon, Fay The Heart of the Country 1987
Winterson, Jeanette The Passion 1987
Brookner, Anita Latecomers 1988
Erdrich, Louise Tracks 1988
Fitzgerald, Penelope The Beginning of Spring 1988
Frame, Janet The Carpathians 1988
Hamilton, Jane The Book of Ruth 1988
Kincaid, Jamaica A Small Place 1988
Kingsolver, Barbara The Bean Trees 1988
Lessing, Doris The Fifth Child 1988
Mukherjee, Bharati The Middleman and Other Stories 1988
Naylor, Gloria Mama Day 1988
Pilcher, Rosamunde The Shell Seekers 1988
Welty, Eudora The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty 1988
Allende, Isabel The Stories of Eva Luna 1989
Bourdouxhe, Madeleine A Nail, A Rose 1989
Esquivel, Laura Like Water for Chocolate 1989
Gloss, Molly The Jump-off Creek 1989
Kingston, Maxine Hong Tripmaster Monkey 1989
McMillan, Terry Disappearing Acts 1989
Mukherjee, Bharati Jasmine 1989
Walker, Alice The Temple of My Familiar 1989
Winterson, Jeanette Sexing the Cherry 1989
Byatt, A. S. Possession 1990
Carter, Angela Wise Children 1991
Kincaid, Jamaica Lucy 1990
Gordimer, Nadine My Son’s Story 1990
Cisneros, Sandra Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories 1991
Gordimer, Nadine Jump and Other Stories 1991
Silko, Leslie Marmon Almanac of the Dead 1991
Smiley, Jane A Thousand Acres 1991
Tan, Amy The Kitchen God’s Wife 1991
Allison, Dorothy Bastard Out of Carolina 1992
Barker, Pat Regeneration 1992
Dillard, Annie The Living 1992
Morrison, Toni Jazz 1992
Naylor, Gloria Bailey’s Café 1992
Proulx, E. Annie Postcards 1992
Sontag, Susan The Volcano Lover 1992
Walker, Alice Possessing the Secret of Joy 1992
Winterson, Jeanette Written on the Body 1992
Butler, Octavia The Parable of the Sower 1993
Castillo, Ana So Far From God 1993
Doerr, Harriet Consider This, Senora 1993
Feinberg, Leslie Stone Butch Blues 1993
Gordon, Mary The Rest of Life 1993
Hobhouse, Janet The Furies 1993
Ng, Fae Myenne Bone 1993
Proulx, E. Annie Shipping News, The 1993
Urquhart, Jane Away 1993
Wallis, Velma Two Old Women 1993
Berg, Elizabeth Talk Before Sleep 1994
O’Brien, Edna House of Splendid Isolation 1994
Power, Susan The Grass Dancer 1994
Shange, Ntozake Liliane 1994
Shields, Carol The Stone Diaries 1994
Winterson, Jeanette Art and Lies 1994
Barker, Pat The Ghost Road 1995
Verdelle, A.J. The Good Negress 1995
Byatt, A. S. The Matisse Stories 1996
Chavez, Denise The Face of an Angel 1995
Hurston, Zora Neale The Complete Stories 1995
West, Dorothy The Wedding 1995
Danticat, Edwidge Krik? Krak! 1996
Fielding, Helen Bridget Jones’s Diary 1996
Sapphire PUSH 1996
Diamant, Anita The Red Tent 1997
Lively, Penelope The Five Thousand And One Nights 1997
Morrison, Toni Paradise 1997
Rossner, Judith Perfidia 1997
Roy, Arundhati The God of Small Things 1997
Shreve, Anita The Weight of Water 1997
Winterson, Jeanette Gut Symmetries 1997
Allison, Dorothy Cavedweller 1998
Danticat, Edwidge The Farming of Bones 1998
Wharton, Edith The Collected Stories of Edith Wharton 1998
Bambara, Toni Cade Those Bones Are Not My Child 1999
Chevalier, Tracy The Girl With the Pearl Earring 1999
Desai, Anita Fasting, Feasting 1999
Elliot, Duong Van Mai Sacred Willow 1999
Lahiri, Jhumpa Interpreter of Maladies 1999
Proulx, E. Annie Bad Dirt 1999
Smith, Zadie White Teeth 2000